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Driftwood Mirror

What to do:
Step 1: Collect your wood

Step 2: Make a circle (30cm) for the back out of heavy card board. Then trace a circle from a standard bowl (15cm) in the middle.

Step 3: Brush off sand and dirt from wood.

Step 4: Use glue to begin your first bottom layer with your longest pieces. Lay heavy books on top, let dry.

Step 5: Then layer your medium lengths pieces into the bare spots. Then layer again using the small pieces and let dry. Glue the mirror on top. Let dry and set.

Step 6: Using your tiny pieces layer around the edge of the circle to frame the mirror. Hang and enjoy!

What you need:
1. 40 large pieces of wood [20 medium, 20 small and 15 tiny pieces]
2. heavy weight cardboard
standard bowl of 15cm for the circle
4. 18cm mirror
5. glue/wood glue

Estimated time needed: 1hr & 30 minutes plus drying

ref: cityfarmhouse.com

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