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  No-Sew Sunburst Christmas Tree Skirt  

No-Sew Sunburst Christmas Tree Skirt

What to do:
Step 1: Cut Tree Skirt Base
Cut a 122cm square out of red felt. Fold square piece of felt in half, then in half again. Tie length of string around pencil tip. Press string into corner of felt where folds meet and extend string until tight, then trace a quarter circle on felt. Cut along pencil line, then cut corner where folds meet in a quarter circle pattern to create a hole for the tree trunk. When felt is unfolded, it should be a circle with a hole in the middle. Use scissors to cut a straight slit from skirt edge to center hole, so skirt can be easily slid around tree trunk.

Step 2: Cut Felt Strips
Using a rotary cutter, clear ruler and cutting mat, cut remaining red felt and all of the white felt into 8cm wide strips. Then cut each strip into 10cm lengths, leaving about 1/2cm of felt attached along top of strip to create an oversized fringe.

Step 3: Glue Fringe to Skirt
Starting at the outside edge of skirt, apply a bead of fabric or felt glue. Press connected edge of red felt fringe into glue. Repeat until one full row is completed. Apply another bead of glue approximately 1-5cm above top of first row and press connected edge of white fringe into glue until that row is completed making sure the white row of fringe overlaps the first row of red fringe. Continue this process until entire skirt is covered in fringe, creating a sunburst pattern with a nod to classic holiday sweets - candy canes and peppermints. Tip: Allow fabric glue to completely dry before moving or handling tree skirt. If desired, rows of felt fringe can be sewn to skirt. Once dry, slide skirt around base of tree, positioning the slit in the back.

What you need:
- 3 yards red felt
- 2 yards white felt
- 2 bottles fabric or felt glue
- scissors
- rotary cutter
- cutting mat
- clear ruler
- pencil
- length of string

Estimated time needed: 1 hour

ref: www.hgtv.com

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