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  Splatter Paint Popsicle Stick Runner  

Splatter Paint Popsicle Stick Runner

What to do:
Step 1: Arrange the popsicle sticks on your table. Leave room for a place setting at each end, and line the popsicle sticks up unevenly.

Step 2: Then use blue painter's tape to connect them at the back. Use long strips down each row, then little pieces of tape intermittently connecting the two rows.

Step 3: Set out lots of brown paper or newspaper outside and lay your assembled runner on top of them (tape side down). Tip: Lay down more paper than you think you'll need and wear clothes that you don't care much about, because the paint will get messy.

Step 4: Use acrylic paint diluted with a little bit of water to make it more runny. Don't add too much water just a splash so that the paint will drip off the brush freely. Then dip your paint brush in your paint and start splattering on your sticks - remember it's supposed to look messy. Try some different techniques. Holding the brush a few feet above the runner creates a nice round splash when the paint drips off. Flicking your wrist (a little closer to the runner) makes streaks that look like little comets. Mix of both methods work well. Once you done let it dry.

Step 5: (optional) After you finished using each colour for splattering, Paint a few soda bottles with the remaining paint in the jar.

What you need:
1. Popsicle sticks
2. Tape
3. Brown paper / newspaper
4. Paint brush
5. Acrylic Paint - pink, yellow, orange, and aqua (or colours of your choice)
6. Soda bottles (optional)

Estimated time needed: 45 minutes plus drying

ref: www.athomeinlove.com

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