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  Decorative Power Cord  

Decorative Power Cord

What to do:
Step 1: Cut pieces of tape 3 cm long.

Step 2: Wrap washi tape around cord in irregular increments, we overlapped our tape in some places and next to each other in others.

Step 3: Create and cut a paper template. Make 3 sizes, 25 x 127 mm, 25 x 155 mm and 25 x 178 mm

Step 4: Trace template on backside of leather and cut out.

Step 5: Measure 38 mm from the ends and mark with a pen, this is where you will sew the snap.

Step 6: If you want you can cover the stitching with a flat back embellishment and glue on, you could also use a small button or if you have access to a snap setter you can use that as well.

What you need:
1. extension cord
2. washi tape
3. leather scraps
4. sew on snaps
5. decorative embellishment
6. scissors
7. thread
8. glue
9. paper

Estimated time needed: 30 minutes plus drying

ref: designlovefest.com

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