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Christmas Tree

What to do:
1. Lay out four of the five pieces of white foamcore vertically, two up and two down, to form a larger rectangle.

2. Place fifth piece of foamcore at the top of the newly-formed rectangle, horizontally. Make sure that top piece is centered.

3. Using duct tape, attach all the pieces together to form one giant piece. Add a few layers of duct tape on both sides, along the creases. NOTE: Black tape are used in the photos so you can see where its been placed. Your duct tape will be white to blend in with the white boards.

4. Map out the size and shape of your tree with painter's tape or masking tape. Make sure your tape is secure to you boards before moving on to step three.

5. Your tape lines will now serve as a straight edge. You can use a yard stick instead if you'd like, but the tape actually works really well on it's own. Using your cutter, carefully cut your Christmas tree shape.

6. Once your Christmas tree is cut, you are ready to start creating the tree fringe with tissue paper. Cut a full sheet of tissue paper in half. Take one of your half sheets and fold it into thirds, so you create a really long rectangle with three layers. Now it's time to let the fringe begin.

7. Using your fringe scissors, cut fringe, leaving about one inch of room at the top. You will be making a lot of these sheets. Starting at the very bottom of your tree and working your way up, you can now start gluing your fringe.

8. Flip your fringe over, add a bead of glue across the length of the top (where you left that extra inch of non-fringe). And attach to the bottom of your tree. You'll want the very bottom layer to hang off the end of the board so that it can cover your tree trunk, which you'll add later.

9. Depending on how large your make your tree, you will most likely need two fringe strips for each line toward the bottom of the tree.

10. Start your next layer (the second line of fringe) a little higher than the one below it. You want to cover the non-fringey area from below, but just barely. Continue this process until you've covered your tree all the way to the top.

11. Once dry, flip your tree over so the back is upwards. Glue any overhang to the back.

12. Attach a picture frame hook as well, so it is ready for hanging.

13. To create the tree trunk, cut a scrap piece of foamcore into a stubby rectangle that is roughly one fourth the length of the bottom of your tree. Cover in brown craft paper and then cut small fringe strips, just like you did with the tissue paper, with recycled grocery bags. Secure fringe to trunk with glue.

14. Attach trunk to tree with duct tape on both sides (front and back), which will be covered by your tree fringe in the front.

What you need:
- 5 pieces of 20x30 white foamcore or mat board
- fringe scissors
- regular scissors
- tissue paper (at least 30 sheets)
- painter's tape or masking tape
- duct tape (white preferably)
- one bottle of craft glue
- cutter
- marker or Sharpie (optional)
- picture frame hook

Estimated time needed: 1hour 30 minutes plus drying

ref: www.curbly.com

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