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  Cork notice board  

Cork Notice Board

What to do:
1. Smooth off all the cut ends of the pine with sandpaper. Glue the wood to
a non-shiney side of hardboard, to form a frame. Leave to dry, then pin in
place from reverse side.
2. Stain the wood, following the manufacturer's instructions.
3. Working on a small area at a time, spread thin layer of wood glue onto
hardboard and arrange the corks. Use a craft knife to cut the corks to fit where
necessary. Screw the hanging plates into place on the back of the frame.

What you need: 4 lengths of planed pine (48 x 7cm), fine-grade sandpaper,
55cm square of hardboard, wood glue, 16mm hardboard pins, hammer, wood dye
or stain, paintbrush or lint-free cloth for applying stain, about 170-180 corks,
craft knife, 2 plate with screws for hanging board and a screwdriver.

Estimated time needed: 2 hours

ref: 100 Bright Ideas for Kitchens

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