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  Drawer restyle  

Drawer restyle

What to do:
Step 1: Create a pattern for your furniture piece onto scrap paper. Use this pattern to cut your blue print photo. Remove any hardware from the drawers beforehand.

Step 2: Next, lay your photo onto the surface of the drawer and use a few pieces of painter's tape to secure the photo in place. Use a foam board or cardboard to divide the paper in the center and fold half of your photo onto the board. Paint a thin layer of the decoupage finish onto the back side of the photo.

Step 3: Starting from the center, gently lay the photo into place, smoothing as you go. Try to avoid getting air bubbles or wrinkles in the paper as you work and smooth either out towards the side or towards the top or bottom as needed. Repeat on the other side and continue the process on all the drawers.

If you find that your pattern wasn't perfect, use an X-Acto knife to trim the edges once the finish has completely dried.

Step 4: Add a coat or two of the decoupage finish to the outside of the photos and allow to fully dry before putting the hardware back on.

What you need:
- blue print copy of a photo you love
- scrap paper
- Royal Coat Decoupage Finish (similar to Mod Podge)
- foam brushes
- X-Acto knife

Note on what photos work well: If you are covering a piece of furniture that has drawer handles or pulls, you'll want to be mindful of their placement on your photo. If I had used a photo that had people as the subject, the drawers may have hit right in the subjects' head or body in a way that ended up looking kind of weird. The best photos to use for this type of project are either something more abstract (like a grouping of succulents or flowers) or a landscape photo.

Estimated time needed: 1 1/2 hours

ref: abeautifulmess.com

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