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  frosted glass jars  

Frosted Glass Jars

What to do:
Make sure the jar is clean and dry before you start. Cut a rectangle of
the self-adhesive plastic to fit down the front of thejar. Cut a scrap of paper
to the same size and write the word you want to etch on the jar. Tape the
paper, with the plastic on top, to the cutting mat and cut out the letters with
a craft knife. Peel away the backing and smooth the plastic on the jar. Apply
several coats of glass etch spray all over the jar, leaving it to dry between
coats. Remove the plastic to real the letters.

What you need: plain glass jar, sheet of clear self-adhesive plastic, paper,
craft knife and ruler, cutting mat, pencil, sticky tape, glass etch spray

Estimated time needed: 3 minutes plus drying

ref: 100 Bright Ideas for Kitchens

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