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  Glass shelving  

Glass Shelving

What to do:
Transform an alcove or an empty wall with glass shelving and highlight the square
of the wall around shelves by painting it a different colour. Mark out your square
on the wall using a spirit level, ruler and pencil. Get three glass shelves cut to size,
making them at least 25cm shorter than the width of your sqaure. If you already
have glass shelves, mark out the square according to their size, allowing an extra
25cm of width. Once you have marked out your square, mask around the area with
masking tape. Paint the square using coloured emulsion. Allow to dry and then
apply a second coat. Fix up the shelves.

What you need: spirit level, ruler, pencil, glass shelves, masking tape, coloured
emulsion paint, paintbrush, shelf brackets, wallplugs, drill, screws, screwdriver.

Estimated time needed: 4 hours plus drying

ref: 100 Bright Ideas for Bathrooms

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