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  mosaic alcove  

Mosaic Alcove

What to do:
The quickest way to fix mosaic tiles is to use sheets of ready-to-grout tiles. Make
sure the walls are free of grease and grime and rub down carefully to ensure that
you have an even surface. Apply the adhesive to the backs of the tile sheets. Taking
care to the sheets properly on the wall, position them carefully and use tile spacers between sheets. Allow the adhesive to dry. Grout between the tiles, wiping off any
excess grout. Once the grout is dry, clean the tiles thoroughly with a damp cloth.

What you need: mosaic tile sheets, sandpaper, water-resistant tile adhesive,
tile spacers, white tile grout, clean, damp cloth.

Estimated time needed: 2 hours plus drying

ref: 100 Bright Ideas for Bathrooms

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