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  mosaic table top  

Mosaic Table Top

What to do:
1. Wrap the ceramic tiles in a towel and gently knock them with a hammer.
Alternatively, use tile nippers to create shards of varying sizes.
2. Lay out the broken pieces on the surface you want to cover and move them
around until you are happy with the arrangement.
3. Working from one edge, use a notched spreader to create and even layer of
tile adhesive over a small section of the surface. Position the pieces of tile on top
and press lightly into the adhesive. Work in small sections until you have covered
the whole area.
4. Press a piece o wood or MDF evenly on top of the tiles to ensure the surface is
level, and remove and excess adhesive with the spreader. Leave the adhesive to
dry thoroughly, following the manufactturer's instructions.
5. Once dry, fill the spaces between the tiles with grout using a squeegee and wipe
the tiles clean with a soft, sligtly damp cloth. Leave to dry.

What you need: ceramic tiles, towel and hammer or tile nippers, tile adhesive
with notched spreader, piece of wood or MDF, tile grout, squeegee, damp cloth.

Estimated time needed: 4 hours plus drying

ref: 100 Bright Ideas for Bathrooms

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