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  Mosaic wall  

Mosaic Wall

What to do:
1. Make sure all surfaces are clean and even. Using a plumbline, pencil and ruler,
mark a vertical line in the centre of the wall, from which you will begin fixing the tiles,
working from the centre of the wall outwards towards the corners.

2. Use the notched adhesive spreader to apply a thin bed of adhesive to the wall,
covering an area the size of the first sheet of tiles. Keep the spreader's notches
in contact with the wall, and you are guaranteed a consistent 3mm thick coating.

3. Fix the first sheet of tiles to the wall. Use plastic tile spacers between sheets to
make sure that the gaps are consistent. Work your way out from the centre to the
corners of the area you are working on. Work section by section so that the adhesive
doesn't dry out in areas where you haven't laid tiles yet. You can tile sheets to fit
recesses and spaces at the edges of the walls and lay them in the same manner.

4. Once adhesive is dry, apply grout between the tiles. Grout mosaic section by
section rather than in one go as grout dries fast and is difficuly to remove when
dry. Use a damp cloth to wipe off excess grout and leave to set. Once dry, scrub
the surface clean and polish with a dry cloth.

What you need: plumbline, pencil, ruler, tile adhesive with spreader, mosaic
tile sheets, tile spacers, craft knife or scissors, tile grout with spreader, clean/damp
cloth, dry cloth.

Estimated time needed: 1 day plus drying

ref: 100 Bright Ideas for Bathrooms

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