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  Painted flower panels  

Painted Flower Panels

What to do:
Trace around a leaf or flower motif, copy it on to thin card and cut out. Measure
and mask off three equal rectangles above the bath. paint the rectangels with
green paint and leave to dry. Mask off a smaller panel inside each rectangle.
Spray adhesive on to the backs of the motifs and stick one in each panel.
paint the smaller rectangles with white paint using a roller, painting straight
over the motifs. Leave to dry. Peel away the card and remove the tape.

What you need: leaf or flower motif, tracing paper, pencil, thin card, scissors
or craft knife and cutting knife, tape measure, masking tape, green paint, roller,
spray adhesive, white paint.

Estimated time needed: 2 hours plus drying

ref: 100 Bright Ideas for Bathrooms

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