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  Pillow Covers  

Pillow Covers

What to do:
1. For the ikat polka dot pillows, the pillow inserts are 20 x 20 in., Measure and cut out a 20 x 20 in. piece and two 15 x 20 inch pieces after ironing the fabric. This will be an envelope style pillow, which is the easiest way to go for no sew.

2. Starting with the 15 x 20 in. pieces, Fold back about an inch on one of the 20 in. sides of each piece and ironed it down. Then apply the Unique Stitch under the fold to glue it down.

3. Line up a 15 x 20 in piece with the top edge of the 20 x 20 in. piece with the fabric faces facing each other. Glue the fabric pieces together where the red lines are in the photo above, which are supposed to be about a quarter inch away from the edges. Then glue on the other 15 x 20 in. piece lined up with the bottom of the 20 x 20 in. piece. The folded edges of the 15 x 20 in. pieces should be overlapped.

4. Let the glue dry for at least a couple hours before turning the covers inside out.

5. For the purple striped pillow, Take some plain white fabric, tape on your design with painters tape, then paint over it.  The color used is hydrangea purple, This cover is for an 18 x 18 in. pillow, and the envelope flaps were cut to 13 x 18 in. each. Follow the same steps as 2,3 and 4.

What you need:
- fabric (this pillow size is 16 x 26 in)
- Unique Stitch Adhesive
- fabric scissors
- ruler
- pencil
- iron

ref: homeyohmy.com

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