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  vintage sheet headboard  

Vintage Sheet Headboard

What to do:
This vintage headboard was made from 35cm square wall art pieces purchased from Cut It Out. You can either purchase it from Cut It Out or purchase any wooden square art pieces you desire.

Step 1: To make the headboard, lay out 15 of the squares in a 3×5 pattern, and use 63cm x  38cm strips of wood to attach them all together.

Step 2: Paint the headboard with one coat of primer and three coats of white enamel cabinet paint.

Step 3: Cut squares of white foam core to fit snugly inside of the openings in the back of the frames.

Step 4: The foam squares hold the sheet in place against the front of each frame opening without having to cut the sheet. Lay the sheet across the back of the headboard, pressed the foam squares into place, and neatly folded the excess sheet around the edges, securing the folds with a few staples into the wood strips.

Step 5: Hanging the headboard with a couple of eye hooks and heavy picture wire (like a large art piece) allows for an easy quick-change if you ever decide to use something else inside of the frames.

What you need:
1. wooden art piece frames
2. fabric of your choice
3. ruler
4. scissors / cutter
5. pencil
6. fabric glue
7. wood glue
8. eye hooks

ref: www.happinessishomemade.net

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