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  Woodcut Platter  

Woodcut Platter

What to do:
Step 1: If you'd like to smooth out your wood, give it a good sanding. Be sure that the wood is very clean and completely dry.

Step 2: Tape off a section of the wood slab.

Step 3: Apply paint to the desired area. Let this dry completely and remove the tape.

Step 4: After the paint is dried and somewhat hard, apply tape in another area, over the top of the area that you already painted.

Step 5: Cover this taped-off area in the second shade of paint. And remove the tape once dry.

What you need:
1. slab of wood, large enough to serve as a small platter
2. tape
3. two different shades of paint
4. paintbrushes, if using craft paint
5. optional: sandpaper

Estimated time needed: 1 hour plus drying

ref: www.lovelyindeed.com

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